Lastaurant: Restaurant Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

What is Lastaurant?

The easiest way to reserve a table and receive reservations through Facebook, the most popular social network in the world.

Lastaurant is the first "social" reservations system developed thinking about the daily habits of the customers and realized considering restaurant owners requirements.

Lastaurant is composed of four main tools that allow Facebook users and restaurants to talk together in real time:

The Lastaurant Chatbot

The Lastaurant Chatbot

There are no doubts that the Lastaurant chatbot is the great innovation of this service, this is what makes the difference with all the others. The customer can chat with Lastaurant using the Messenger app as one of his usual Facebook contact, he can find and reserve restaurants around his location just using simple commands he will give during the chat.

Moreover, restaurant owners will receive from the chatbot real time reservation requests and quickly confirm them with a simple touch.

The Reservations Calendar

The Reservations Calendar

The beating heart of Lastaurant's reservation system. A powerful and flexible management system able to handle in the cloud all the reservations received by your restaurant, both those arrived through Lastaurant and those received through more traditional systems such as a phone call.

It is available for smartphones, tablets and personal computers with an internet browser and a connection. The Reservations Calendar can be used free of charge by all the restaurants that are regularly registered to Lastaurant and that own a valid subscription.

The "Reserve Now" button

The "Reserve Now" button

Lastaurant allows you to set the "Reserve now" button on your Facebook's restaurant page.

This quick call-to-action can be clicked in the Facebook mobile version or in the Facebook app connecting the customer directly to the Lastaurant's reservation system.

The Lastaurant Page Tab App

The Lastaurant Page Tab App

Receive reservations directly from your restaurant's Facebook page! Any Facebook user can become your customer thanks to Lastaurant Page Tab app you will install on your page.

It can be easily activated through the "Settings" section of the Reservations Calendar and you can access to it from the page menu in the Facebook desktop version.

Why Lastaurant is different?

Lastaurant gives to restaurant owners the fullest business management freedom. Restaurants are not simple customers for us, restaurants are partners!

Using Lastaurant

  • No new app download or new software purchase required! It works on Web, Facebook and Messenger.
  • You are free to manage your business as you prefer, without constraints or restrictions.
  • You can check the Facebook profile and the feedback of customers who reserve before confirming.
  • You can also manage the reservations you received by voice or telephone in the Lastaurant's cloud.
  • You can delegate your staff members to manage reservations for you.
  • The cost of the service is all inclusive, no extra commissions required.

Using other services

  • You must download another app in your phone and learn how to use it.
  • You usually have to join a network or guarantee discounted tables, people needs an app to find you.
  • You are not sure that the persons who reserve are real and reliable customers.
  • You can only manage online reservations that you receive through the app.
  • Reservation management is limited to the user who owns the app.
  • For more advanced features, you have to spend hundreds of euros a year.

How does Lastaurant work?

Lastaurant lives and works where people get information, communicate and spend most of their time everyday: Facebook!

Here below, the complete table reservation process when using Lastaurant:


Launch the Messenger app, search "Lastaurant" in your contacts list and start a new chat with the chatbot. From the context menu, you can choose to find or to reserve a restaurant nearby or you can simply send a message as: "Looking for a pizzeria near me".


Enter Facebook, search for a restaurant page and access the "Lastaurant Booking" tab (desktop) or click the "Reserve Now" call-to-action button (mobile).


Open the Messenger app, use the People > Scan Code function to scan the restaurant's personal code and connect directly to its booking form.


Set day, time and number of people using the Lastaurant interface or answering the questions the chatbot will make.


The reservation request will be sent to the restaurant by the Lastaurant chatbot.


The reservation request will be forwarded in real time to the restaurant in the following ways: The day-box of the Reservations Calendar turns to "red" on the reservation's chosen day.


An e-mail notification will be sent by Lastaurant to the mail box the restaurant set on its Facebook page.


If Messenger notifications have been enabled, a notification message will be sent from the Lastaurant chatbot to the persons that are authorized to manage the reservations.


Click on the "red highlighted" day box to interact with the customer.


Verify the reservation and the customer's identity as well as the feedback generated by other restaurant owners that had past experiences with the same customer.


Check your tables' availability and confirm or decline the reservation.


The customer immediately receives confirmation (or refusal) of the reservation by the Lastaurant chatbot on Messenger.

Are you a restaurant owner?

If you are allowed to manage your restaurant's Facebook page, you can easily connect your restaurant to Lastaurant and start receiving online reservations from Facebook and Messenger. Follow these simple steps to get the best out of Lastaurant.

1. Check your system

Make sure you installed the latest version of Messenger app in your smartphone. Make sure you are the ADMIN or the EDITOR of your restaurant's Facebook page and check if you indicated your email address and location on your page.

2. Link your page

Log into Lastaurant with your Facebook account, accept all the permissions that Facebook needs and the terms and conditions of our service. Select the Facebook page of your restaurant to connect to Lastaurant and wait for the insertion.

3. Enable the notifications

Lastaurant chatbot can alert in real time about all the received reservations. Activate the notifications by clicking the green "Receive notifications on Messenger" button at the bottom right of the Reservations Calendar and "Start" a new chat.

4. Install the tools

From the "Settings" section of the Reservations Calendar, activate the Lastaurant Page Tab App on your restaurant Facebook page by clicking on the appropriate button. Then copy the "Reserve now" link and use it to enable the "call-to-action" button on your Facebook page.

5. Share this news

Inform the "likes" of your Facebook Page about this new opportunity your restaurant is offering to them: click the "Share!" Link from the Reservations Calendar and share on your Facebook page the banner that will connect them directly to your restaurant's reservation form.

6. Inform your customers

Lastaurant has been developed to simplify your work but also to make the reservation easier for your customers. Inform them of this brand new service: download your personal code from the Calendar and print it on business cards, restaurant menus or wherever you prefer.

How much does Lastaurant cost?

Choose the best fare according to your needs: EXPLORER if you are curious to try the service, SEASON if you manage a seasonal activity and FULL if you are looking for the convenience of a fixed low cost for the whole year.

No extra commissions - our rates are all-inclusive!

* The subscription has a quarterly, half-yearly or annual duration. Prices are VAT excluded.

Lastaurant Best Value


per month *

per 12 months (€ 118.80)



per month *

per 6 months (€ 89.40)



per month *

per 3 months (€ 59.70)

Unlimited usage of the Reservations Calendar.
Download your personal Lastaurant code ready to be printed.
Dedicated support through the Facebook group "Lastaurant HelpDesk".
Phone number for dedicated support through phone or WhatsApp.
10€ of Facebook sponsored campaign (managed by us) for your restaurant in your area.
Free delivery of the promotional "Demo-pack" to inform your customers.

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