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Lastaurant is the food platform for
pubs, restaurants and takeaways
able to immediately support the
new needs of restaurant business.

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Lastaurant - restaurant reservation and takeaway
Lastaurant - restaurant reservation and takeawayLastaurant - restaurant reservation and takeaway
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It's current

Today's customers love to reserve the restaurant online and order their food from home. Lastaurant immediately makes available to your business the most recent tools with which to satisfy their requests, managing them easily with a single platform available for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

It's affordable

Lastaurant has no fees on sales, set prices or hidden costs and leaves you the full autonomy to decide how to best develop your business. Furthermore, the commissions on credit card payments, managed by Stripe, are half if compared to those applied on average by other services similar to ours.

It's reliable

Lastaurant shows you in advance all the customers that are ordering or booking in your restaurant thanks to the user's profile and their feedback rate. It also verifies if customers are real through a two-factor auth system that limits the risk of unpaid orders and "no-show" reservations as much as possible.

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The most complete solution

Lastaurant offers to you in a single platform, with a single subscription, all the tools that allow your restaurant to work and sell food in full compliance with current regulations.

Lastaurant - restaurant reservation and takeaway

Digital Menu

Lastaurant shows to all your customers the digital version of your menu, whether they are connected online or sitting at a table in your restaurant. The latter can in fact scan a QR Code associated with their table and obtain the digital menu of your restaurant directly on their smartphone. Furthermore, if you wish, you can allow each individual table to place an order in full autonomy and send it to the staff in the dining room.
Lastaurant - restaurant reservation and takeaway

TakeAway Sales

Lastaurant allows your restaurant to sell its takeaway dishes. Your customers can choose the dishes to order by connecting directly to the Digital Menu which can be consulted by connecting to your local Facebook page, to your website or through your restaurant's Chatbot Messenger. Payments can be accepted in cash, upon delivery of the order or in advance, by credit card.
Lastaurant - restaurant reservation and takeaway

Home Delivery

Lastaurant manages the Delivery of orders at the customer's home, planning the shortest route and calculating the expected time to complete the delivery round with Google Maps. Furthermore, Lastaurant, through its app, keeps your customers informed by notifying them on their mobile phone all the stages of preparation and management of their order, from its receipt to delivery.
Lastaurant - restaurant reservation and takeaway

Tables reservation

Lastaurant allows your customers to reserve a table in your restaurant by filling in a reservation form which can be embedded in your Facebook page, in your website or using the personal chatbot on Messenger. A useful digital agenda, instead, allows you to confirm and manage the reservations received even when the shop is closed but also to record the most common phone reservations you daily receive.
Lastaurant - restaurant reservation and takeaway

Personal Chatbot

Lastaurant is a chatbot enhanced by artificial intelligence that you can independently activate with the name and the avatar of your Facebook business page. It automatically responds to messages received by your customers on Messenger and Facebook Page and allows them to reserve a table or order food in your restaurant through a process completely based on chat.

How do these tools integrate into your restaurant?

Try DEMOs in a Facebook Page or in a Website!

Which Lastaurant to choose?

Standard Lastaurant services are available for both plans without restrictions. The PERSONAL plan also offers the Chatbot for Messenger and QR codes to be displayed on the tables for access to the digital Menu.

No extra fees - our rates are all-inclusive!

* the subscription has a quarterly, half-yearly or annual duration.

** you can immediately use the restaurant's Menu and the TakeAway manager with credit card payments also without subscription.



per month *

per 12 months (€ 238.80)



per month *

per 12 months (€ 298.80)

Table reservations from Facebook page and restaurants' website
Unlimited use of the Booking Agenda from the web and app My Lastaurant
Publication of the Restaurant Menu and Dishes of the day on Facebook page and website .
Receiving orders TakeAway and Delivery from Facebook page and website .
Payment of TakeAway and Delivery cash orders on delivery or prepaid with credit card .
Creation of QR Codes to be displayed on every single table to allow customers to access the Digital Menu and place an order directly from their smartphone.
Messenger Chatbot with the name of your business that responds to customers via chat in your Facebook page .
Possibility of installation of the Messenger Chatbot customized within your website via Facebook plug-in.

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If you follow the restaurant business and you want to offer our services to your customers on special conditions and in full autonomy, sign up for the "Lastaurant Partner" program and immediately activate your control panel.

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Lastaurant - restaurant reservation and takeawayLastaurant FAQ

Although Lastaurant is a simple and intuitive platform, some key concepts of its operation undoubtedly deserve further investigation.


Who is Lastaurant for?

Lastaurant is a service aimed at catering professionals, owners or managers of restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, pubs, breweries, and so on, that provide for the possibility of reserving a seating or use the TakeAway or Home Delivery sales formula.

What do I need to use Lastaurant in my restaurant?

To use Lastaurant, in addition to a personal e-mail address and a Internet connection , you must have a smartphone or a tablet of type iOS or Android on which to download and install our My Lastaurant App. Furthermore, if you are a Facebook subscriber and you own a business page of your restaurant, your Facebook account must have the role of administrator or editor in order to connect it to Lastaurant.

What does the monthly subscription to Lastaurant include?

The monthly amount required to subscribe to Lastaurant is all-inclusive, that means that all the tools are included and usable without any limitation or extra commission for all the duration of the subscription. In addition, if you want to add the TakeAway management tool, being a Lastaurant subscriber allows you to offer your own customers the payment on delivery by cash in the available payment methods.

Are there any commissions for the service?

Only in case of activation of the TakeAway service and credit card payment method. Over this payment method it is applied an unique fee, clear and transparent (8% for Lastaurant subscribers, 10% for the others) due to the use of the Stripe online secure payment platform.

What is the "Lastaurant Chatbot" and how does it work?

A chatbot is a virtual user that answers autonomously to the questions and to the interactions of the real user who calls him in. Our Facebook and Messenger chatbot is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and it is able to suggest your restaurant to the customers in the nearby. The Lastaurant chatbot provides to the customers your address, opening time, phone number, a preview of your Facebook Page but also the daily Menu, and the one "a la carte", proposed by your activity. The customer will then be able to reserve in real time a table in your restaurant through the same chatbot with a simple text message or through the classic phone call.

How do I get notified when a user orders or reserves in my restaurant?

During the sign-up process of their restaurant in Lastaurant, in order to complete the creation of the profile, the system will ask to scan a QR Code through the app "My Lastaurant", available for free for iOS and Android. From that moment on, "My Lastaurant" will become the main channel for real-time notification of all reservation requests and TakeAway orders made by customers in your shop.

Are the reservation requests I receive already confirmed?

No, all the reservation requests received by your restaurant or activity have to be confirmed (or refused) by you or by one of your staff member authorizd, through the Lastaurant settings that you can change, to manage the incoming reservation requests for you. Only after your confirmation, the reservation is considered accepted (or denied) and it is automatically communicated to the customer, through e-mail and the chatbot.

How will I receive the money of the "TakeAway" orders paid online through Lastaurant?

Unlike other home delivery and ordering tools, Lastaurant allows both cash payment on delivery (available only in affiliated activities) and advanced payment by credit card pagamento anticipato tramite carta di credito. The secure online payment system, based on the Stripe platform and that can be activated with a click, requires a single fee, clear and transparent ( 8% for Lastaurant subscribers, 10% for the non-members) as well as monthly invoicing of the applied fees Additionally, your money will be immediately available on your Stripe account and can be transferred to your bank account by bank transfer, without additional costs, when you decide!

Does Lastaurant offer a home delivery service?

No, the activation of the Delivery tool, is subjected to the availability, by the affiliated activity, of their own delivery personnel. Lastaurant acts solely as collector and management tool for the incoming orders. The platform, however, can calculate, if set up, the additional costs or the minium amount of expense in order to give the free service, if you decide to allocate the costs of delivery to the customers.

What if I wanted to remove my business from Lastaurant?

We would be very sorry if you were not satisfied with the service and, for this reason, we first invite you to contact our customer care service in order to analyze and solve any kind of issue you could afford. If in any case you still want to cancel your subscription and remove your page from Lastaurant, this can be made autonomously from the "Settings" section inside the Lastaurant management tool, that can be reached through smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

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